Baltimore Chapter

In June of 1973, a group of African American accountants spearheaded by Benjamin L. King, CPA, met informally at Brice’s Hilltop Inn to discuss the feasibility and desirability of forming a chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. In attendance at this initial first meeting were Yovonda Brooks, Oliver Green, and Cecil Flamer, who agreed to serve as incorporators and hold the positions of President, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively for a period of one year.


On July 12, 1973, the Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants was incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland. Since that historical event 40 years ago the chapter has continued to thrive and expand its horizons.

1973-1974  Yovonda Brooks, CPA

1974-1976  Cecil Flamer, CPA

1976-1979  Romona Henderson, CPA

1979-1980 Maureen Plummer

1980-1982 Gareth Brown

1982-1985 Benjamin L. King, Jr.

1985-1986  Gary L. Burke, CPA

1986-1987 Clarence Jones, CPA

1987-1988 James Hayes, CPA/Valerie Thornton-Thomas, CPA

1988-1989  Valerie Thornton-Thomas, CPA

1989-1990 Shirley M. Robinson

1990-1991  Wanda H. Moore

1991-1994 Benjamin L. King Jr.

1994-1996 Anita M. Allen, CPA

1996-1998 Wilkins McNair, Jr., CPA

1998-2000 Antoinette Amoureux-Sekou, CPA

2000-2006 Calvin Harris Jr., CPA

2006-2008 Tina Orr-McIntyre, CPA

2008-2011 Karlo Young, CISA

2011-2014  Ryan Galloway, CPA

2014-2017 Tysheba Morgan, CPA

2017 – Present  Tiana Wynn, CPA


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