Message from Membership Chair

Why join the Baltimore NABA Chapter? NABA Baltimore harbors one of the largest networks of African American accounting professionals in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, helping to keep you connected with both the newest and well established talent in the area.  The chapter boasts an array of social events planned throughout the year, as well as, frequent opportunities to earn CPE.  All designed to improve your professional and personal life.  With “Lifting as We Climb” as our motto, we are also committed to collaboration with other local Baltimore minority organizations farther enhancing your opportunity to expand your social and professional network.  Membership in, and affiliation with, our association will give you a direct link to future and current business leaders as well as access to opportunities for growth.

Chapter Dues

How much are dues and why should I pay them?
NABA dues are $150 per year (tax deductible), which is a small price to pay considering the prospect of potential CPE and networking opportunities that may prove to be invaluable.  To be considered as member in good standing you must pay your dues.  Membership dues are an intricate part of keeping our mission alive.  They not only help to fund expenses related to the daily operations of chapter but also help to identify our audience.  NABA Baltimore strives to meet the needs and concerns of all our members and we can’t do that if we don’t know who you are.  In order for the chapter to accomplish its goals we need the support of all our members.

How Do I Join?

Visit the national site at and click on the “Join NABA” link at the top.  On the NABA Member Center sign in page click on the link “Sign Up as a New Individual” and proceed with the on screen instructions that follow.  Please be sure to identify Baltimore as your chapter affiliation.

Online Membership Registration:

Download Membership Application:

Lifetime Membership Application:

I am already a member, where do I pay my dues?

Visit the National site at and click on the “NABA, Inc Member Center” link at the top.  In the Members Section on the left side of the screen please click the link “Renew My Dues” and proceed with the on screen instructions that follow. Please be sure that Baltimore is identified as your chapter affiliation.